Common Mistakes That Hurt Our Performance

I usually read lots of opinion articles from investment advisers in order to understand the consensus around the market. With some frequency you can read widespread myths and common beliefs that are simply rooted in the investment community collective mind. However this week I came across one article that draw my attention by the simply yet complete collection of investment… Read More Common Mistakes That Hurt Our Performance

What Now?

Since I’ve finished and launched the “European Jewels – Statoil Research” book, I’ve been committed with some consulting projects. This has taken a lot of my time. However, now that I’ve some time, I’ve been thinking about what to do next. I do have some doubts about which companies to analyze next, and although I have a road-map for the companies which I… Read More What Now?

The Investment Sharks and the Spanish Banks

I’ve just read some interesting news. Pimco, the US based investment firm, is now buying Spanish Bank’s bonds. Pimco’s $2.9 billion exchange-traded fund boosted the proportion of its corporate-debt holdings by almost 8 percentage points in three weeks by adding notes of lenders from Spain’s Banco Santander SA (SAN) to Italy’s Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, data compiled by… Read More The Investment Sharks and the Spanish Banks