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Investment Gems is an investment blog. Our investment philosophy is based on finding good businesses with the potential to over-perform during the next couple of years.

We do this by regularly calibrating our views on macro boom-and-bust cycles. We try to be aware of significant shifts in the global economic landscape, this allows us to identify and avoid potentially overrated sectors and geographies.

We also try to steer clear from too depressed sectors. Obviously, that’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, we strive to identify healthy sectors (not too hot nor too cold) where we can calmly spot good businesses that may fall on the following categories:

  • Fallen Angels – Companies going through an earnings glitch.
  • Value stocks – Companies with attractive valuations, preferably due to an economic downturn.
  • Growth promises – companies with a great business model and owning potentially disruptive tech.

Additionally, we also identify opportunities in other asset classes (currencies, commodities, and fixed-income). We try to use our boom-and-bust analysis to understand which assets might be in for good performances.

As is the case with other blogs around the web, you’ll find the newest articles first. That makes it hard for you to find older articles that have the blog orientating lines. Additionally, we do not write exclusively for this blog, which means that our archive lacks some coherence.

We’ll make it easier for you. Here you can find our blog guide based on several blog posts containing our investment approach foundations:

Macro Outlook

Who’s going bankrupt? Assessing The COVID-19 Impact On US Automakers

MMT is a cool, dangerous idea

Forecasting the next recession

The Boom And Bust Of World Peace

Now is the time to buy Chinese stocks

Money Management

Sell or Buy More: An Approach for Money Management

Concentration vs Diversification

Why does trend-following work?

We prefer concentration over diversification, this means you might not find anything about the stocks you follow. If that’s the case, you can always reach me directly at and ask for analysis on one of your stocks.

updated in 04/14/2020

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