Nokia Turmoil

Last week news in the tech sector were all about Microsoft and its new mobile OS and tablet. As I pointed out, those were good news for MS, but bad news for Nokia, its partner in the mobile.

This week many reputed analysts made several statements that confirm what I said last week in this blog:

So now we get the Windows 8 news. No upgrade for any current Windows Phone based smartphones by any manufacturer, to Windows 8. The total Nokia Lumia line is instantly Osborned, not by Elop, but this time, by Ballmer. Anyone who bought a Lumia will seem like a total fool to any knowledgable friends. The carriers who sold Lumia (and Samsung, HTC etc Windows Phone handsets) will be blamed for selling an obsolete product – there will be record returns and tons of complaints, especially from all who are now on two year contracts. Those customers will demand to be released from those contracts.

Those were Tomi Ahonen words on the Windows Phone 8 release news. I feel flattered that only a few days after the publication on this blog of the news related to the consequences that the MS move would have on Nokia, many reputed analysts made remarks that confirm my views on this matter. This only increases our blog reputation and brings hope that our other views, like Santander Bank, will increasingly be taking into account.

By the way, I wish that Portugal wins today’s match against Spain… ahah. Have a nice match 🙂


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