The New Lay-Out and the ECB Nonsense

So welcome to the new lay-out of European Jewels blog, I think the change was for the best, but let me now if you disagree. Nothing was lost, all the previous posts are still available.

Quick comments about the Draghi’s remarks about doing everything to save the EUR:

i) It is pretty obvious that the ECB can save the EUR, if they want they can print money infinitely and “re-buy” all the debts. It is just a matter to know if Germany is ready to have higher inflation… which is not.

ii) So unless Germany change its mindset regarding this problem, the ECB cannot do everything to save the EUR, and this is the main reason why speculative forces will comeback in the following days, just as they have been doing in the last two years.

iii) Unless the ECB proves that it is completely committed with saving the Euro, can the speculative wave be stopped. The problem here is that the ECB buys debt in one week, but in the next week it will stop to please the German pressures, this does not give it any credibility.


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