The Firewall

I went on vacations without finishing my 2nd book, I wasn’t really getting anywhere at the time and I honestly needed to cool down to see if I was on the right track or not. Fortunately almost every time I went astray in my life one or two weeks off solved the problem.

So now I have a good idea of how I want the book to be, it is not supposed to be one of those long dissertations about a company, it is supposed to be a thorough but also an easy to read guide about a company, which I believe it will be a good addition to any portfolio. The book will expose the main merits of the company and also its main problems or threats, finishing with a conservative valuation.

So with Santander I set up the backbone of the portfolio, now I want to set up a firewall to partially protect the integrity of the portfolio in the case of an Euro meltdown. For this purpose I selected an European oil company, outside the Euro zone. The company has great operating indicators, a great history of achievements, and I believe, at least 10 years of bright future ahead.

Another good news is the fact that this book will have lower printing costs than its predecessor, which will probably allow lower pricing.

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