Apple: Is Eating the World a Possibility?

Apple now owns the record of the most valuable company ever. Actually it is still on its way, since Microsoft reached around $620 billion market capitalization which adjusted for inflation would mean something like $850 billion. Can Apple get there?

Honestly it can, the company is fantastic, it is still living inside Steve Job’s aura, probably has some good products in the pipeline and surely will be able to keep up for some more years until Schumpeter’s creative destruction take its toll on them. But in the end this kind of records are all on the speculative side of the market, I do not think it will make a great difference for the real investor if they reach the record or not, for me there is only one certainty: The company will stop growing sooner than later. Why? Because they cannot eat the world. For a company like Apple to keep growing at 20% year they would have to eat the world… which would be a little paradox.

With this in mind, I don’t mean to say that the company will die or won’t reach the record, I am just saying that it would be very hard to keep growing after they reach $850 billion.


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