The American Jewel

I started this blog because I wanted to promote my ideas about the European stocks. In this blog I have regularly commented on the most significant developments in the financial markets and I have also gave examples of undervalued European companies.

However, I believe that the current undervaluation of the stock market is not something exclusive of the European markets. The US market also have some examples of undervalued companies. One of them is Corning Inc. This enterprise has a long track record of innovation developments.

Today its main segment is the production of display glass used for LCDs and Smartphones. But the company also produces optical fiber and hardware for the communication industries. But Corning does not end its business here,  the company is also a manufacturer and global supplier of scientific laboratory products.

Usually I would consider that this company lack focus on a core activity. However this is a special case because the core business of Corning is innovation. Obviously this puts a lot of risk in the company, some of the most innovative companies in History are now extinct. Companies like this only survive if the management is able to find a balance between innovation effort and commercial success.

Corning has been around since 1851, so perhaps there is a reason for the company have survived for so long…


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