Investment Jewels 3rd Volume is Out!

Since 2012, I’ve been working on a collection of small books (40 pages each) focused in analyzing currently undervalued companies. The intention behind these books is to provide equity investment research with a higher level of quality, specifically adding a strategy component that usually is out of the mainstream research. At the same time the resulting books are less expensive allowing a direct access to financial research even for small and private investors. The work has been hard but I believe that the results are very good.

Much have changed since I started back in the beginning of 2012. In my first volume I focused in analyzing Santander Bank. I’ve now been focusing in analyzing complete sectors. At the time I was also mainly interested in analyzing just European companies, that I thought to be the most devalued in geographic terms, presently I have opened my analysis to companies all around the globe. This is the major justification to change the name of the collection from “European Jewels” to “Investment Jewels.”

Now let us go to the point: My 3rd book is now available for sale. In this book I cover the Steel Industry, analyzing the industry competitive landscape and the resources and competences necessary to be successful. With this in mind I went on selecting companies that might fulfill the profile of a winning company in the steel sector. I analyzed several companies in terms of financial performance and in terms of strategic approach and ended up with Salzgitter as the best company for investment purposes. Find out why in “Investment Jewels – The Steel Industry


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