The Unlikely Mobile Winner: Microsoft

In the 80’s Microsoft won the war against Apple by introducing a cheaper good enough alternative Operating System (OS). In the present the war will be won by the first one to achieve the full compatibility between Mobile and PC.

Microsoft nearly achieved that today. The new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) is heavily compatible with the Windows 8 (W8). This means that now all the app developers for Windows are now also developers for WP8 which is a game changer in the app market.

There are still some problems like the fact that the WP8 will not compatible with WP7. Many early adopters will feel betrayed.

However this week was full with other news from Microsoft, the new tablet line seems competitive, and we should keep in mind the potential value add that all  this might have on other MS products like the Xbox. All in all this seems great news for Microsoft.

On the other hand, Nokia might be punished with yet another Osborn effect, the fact that WP8 is not backwards compatible with the WP7 might hurt even more Nokia’s sales until the new WP8 phones are available which is only next fall.


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