Doing What is Right!

“[This decision] was not unanimous,” said Draghi, with a smirk on his face.

I told you in European Jewels – Banco Santander that the politicians always do what is right… after they exhausted all the other options. May I use some presumption to say that I was right! I said that in the end Europe just had to use the printing press to scare the speculative attacks.

Super Mario Draghi broke down the framework of his plan and explained why it will work.  The most important takeaway is that after two failed attempts at bond purchases, the ECB is now focusing on “two legs”: bond purchases and conditionality.  By forcing governments to request the bond purchases, they are effectively signing up for strict conditionality and, as Draghi sees it, put in “ownership” of their own future.

I am starting to like Mario Draghi, he is smart, and most of all, he got the balls to do what needs to be done. This could very well be a turning point in this damned crisis.

Now, above all I recommended you an investment in Santander, when everyone was screaming and panicking, I said that you should invest in those depressed assets, when the market was valuing them at 4.5€. Santander stock closed at 5.98€… please take your conclusions. I believe the ones who bought my book and followed my investment rationale, now have many reasons to be really happy.


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