Official: “Who wants to be a pensioner?” is now available for sale

In the 20th of December I launched my new book: “Who wants to be a pensioner?” I wrote this book for individuals who want to have a portfolio of stocks that might work as a backup plan to their main pension plan.

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You can find it here:

United States

United Kingdom

Rest of the World

In an age, where the public and private mismanagements of pension funds, are being revealed by the shockwaves of the subprime financial crisis, the time for a book simplifying concepts and techniques about asset management has come.

“Who wants to be a pensioner?” is a provocative book about what you can do to avoid the failing pension schemes, either public and private, that are letting more and more people hanging with unfulfilled promises.

The argument revolves around the fact that public and private institutions have not been able to return a satisfactory performance to their beneficiaries, which has led to cuts in pensions. In this book I defend  the idea that any potential pensioner should have a plan b that could make up for lost income in relation to past expectations of retirement pension.

Therefore, this book, suggests two ways to create a back-up: by finding a good investment manager that allows you to have extra savings invested at good return rates or by doing it yourself. Either way, the reader has to know the principles about sound investing and this is what this book aims doing: spreading sound principles about the stock market in a simplified and logic way.

It is my deep feeling that this book helps the reader to decode many complex ideas about stock market investing.


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