Who wants to be a pensioner?


It is time to properly introduce my latest book release entitled “Who wants to be a pensioner?”
When I wrote this book, I had in mind the individuals curious about the stock market, with potential interest in investing. The main idea, behind the book, is that an investor might be interested in a do it yourself approach or in just getting someone that plans and executes the investments for him. Either way, it is my belief, that the potential investor should have minimal knowledge about the stock market. Therefore, this book has 4 chapters dedicated at introducing the reader to value and growth investment approaches:

Introduction – In this section I describe how I end up being drawn in to the investment community. I also argue about the problems surrounding the contemporary pension schemes and why one should also have a complement to them.

Shaping up an investment philosophy – Here I walk trough value and growth approaches to stock picking. I synthesize the features a good company must have to qualify as an investment opportunity.

Start Digging – At this point I divide the stocks in 3 categories, with different features that represent 3 different investment approaches, but that usually represent potential value. The idea is to define a way to start separating potential companies from the pool of available traded corporations.

How to evaluate what we are digging? – I finalize by giving some tools to evaluate the information about the companies we are researching.

Basically, these 4 chapters introduce the reader to the most theoretical part of my investment philosophy. The following chapters, on the other hand, focus on applying the theory into practice. Through the analysis of present information, I’ve tried to offer an updated  investment research about several companies like:

Fallen Angels: Economic Downturn – Santander Bank

Fallen Angels: Product Glitch – Intel and HP

Promises – Tesla and Intuitive Surgical

A Fallen Promise – Corning Inc

In the last sections I write about some of the common mistakes that investors  make. Finally I present a simple way to manage a savings portfolio that might be used to complement a pension fund.

Basically, this book intends to be an easy to read guide about the stock market, trying to give proper knowledge about long term investing and also offer real up to date examples of investment research for several companies in several fields.


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