Getting up to date on 2 weeks out of the market

I haven’t had much time to update the blog or to write about stocks since I have been travelling through Spain during the last weeks. However, the last 2 weeks were rich on market developments. One good example is the Nokia’s acquisition of Alcatel Lucent. I have been trying to understand the deal and I might say that one of the best articles I’ve read about it was: Nokia And Alcatel-Lucent: What Will The Future Hold?

Now, about Spain. We are talking about a beautiful country with a huge dichotomy between big cities and the countryside. Nevertheless, Spain is a very dynamic country, going through some structural challenges going back to the era when the real estate was a heavyweight in the economy. But I believe Spain has all the conditions to heal and to become one of the most powerful economies of the EU. There are some big successful corporations in Spain, many readers are familiar with my articles about Santander Bank, but we also have the oil producer Repsol, the telco Telefonica or the clothing giant Inditex. Honestly, I see in Spain lots of overlooked companies.

On the European front, same old song and dance. The Greek novel keeps the endless turning and twisting, so nothing new here. But time is running out and something has to be decided soon. I’ve said it before, the best outcome for Greece is to get loose of the straitjacket that the EUR has turned out to be for Greece.


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