About Gold and Safe Havens

Many people have been telling me that gold should be part of my portfolio. Some go even further by saying that gold should be the backbone of my investments strategy.


On this one I simply disagree. I see myself more close to Warren Buffet on this matter. Investment in gold, for me is pure panic. With so many productive assets, offering 10% to 15% of dividend yield and with perspectives of growth, you should not panic, you should take a deep breadth and make a bold calculated move.

Honestly, this is not a crisis, this is an opportunity for you to get shares of many attractive businesses, that will grow in the future, at heavily reduced prices.

The safe haven mentality is like Keynes beauty contest, we hope that everyone will keep liking gold in order for it to retain its value, but my argument here is not against gold, is just pro-stocks with high potential. The same reasoning serves for German Bonds, now being emitted at negative interest, it is pure panic…

Honestly, keep looking at the opportunities that this crisis created!


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