Good Strategy, Hot Opportunities

Japan’s economy grew at a rapid pace since the beginning of the year, the economy expanded 3.5% year over year. Meanwhile in Europe, inflation is below target, estimations showed inflation around 1.2%.

This reinforces the view that Europe is having a completely wrong approach to the financial crisis, while both the US and Japan have been easing monetary policy during the downturn.

This way the most encouraging news for investment purposes come from the US and the Pacific. In the US, some companies are interesting for investment purposes. In this blog I will perform a detailed analysis of two of those companies: Corning and Tesla Motors.

Corning is a producer of high tech materials for various applications, the most prominent of those being the Gorilla Glass that equips the iPhone and several other Smartphones. Tesla on the other hand is a start up in the Auto industry (!). Both are exciting companies that are interesting to analyze. Corning represents the R&D Company that is successful in bringing innovation to market, and Tesla is the newcomer to an old industry. It will be interesting to note how a company like Tesla will reinterpret the automobile market.


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