A Newborn in the Mobile Industry

Jolla just announced the launch of its first mobile phone. But what the hell is Jolla?

Jolla is an independent designer, developer and seller of smartphones created from the ashes of the Nokia’s MeeGo operating system (OS) unit.  After the company dismissed MeeGo as its main focus in the high end of the mobile phones operating systems, the core elements of the Nokia N9 project left the team and formed Jolla in order to pursue the continuation of the development of the MeeGo OS.

There are three main positive aspects in the company’s strategy: First the fact that the MeeGo OS, now called Sailfish OS, is compatible with Android applications, this is very important since it confers scale to the Sailfish ecosystem virtually since the very beginning.  Secondly, there were very positive reviews in terms of the user interface in the original Nokia N9, since the team who developed the N9 is essentially the same who now forms Jolla and if we add to this the fact that they will benefit from the advantages of being a small and nimble company, this allow us to anticipate a good user experience for Jolla’s first smartphone. Finally the company has already cut what seems to be a generous deal to enter the Chinese market before the end of the current year.

Now we all know that to be a newborn in the mobile industry is not easy at all, however, I have a feeling I should add this start up to the companies to watch list in the near future… Success will depend on the ability to correctly read the market and anticipate trends which is currently really hard since the competition in the industry is absolutely insane. Either way I take my hat off to Jolla, they have done a brilliant job just getting here: Congratulations!!!


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