How Al Gore has convinced me to look into Solar energy companies

Last night, I took half an hour aside just to watch Al Gore’s presentation on TED. He’s an incredible speaker and, obviously, his presentation hooked me up the whole time. I advise you to see this.

At some point, I was surprised by the fact that Solar energy has become very competitive (economically speaking). I had seen some interesting figures regarding off-shore wind energy loading factors but the potential for solar energy is much bigger. After watching Al Gore’s speech, I am convinced that Solar will be relevant for the energy industry much sooner than we could expect.

Therefore, I’ve spent part of my day looking into Solar energy companies. At the beginning, I was expecting huge losses but I was surprised by a company that, coincidentally, presented its results yesterday: First Solar (FSRL).

First Solar presented a robust set of results, profit margin above 10%. Very interesting indeed, for a far from mature technology. I use to be very cautious about companies that rely excessively on tech to be successful, but I’ll be watching the Solar sector more closely than ever. All thanks to Al Gore.


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